I'm Dan Asaw, A self taught Coleopterist who resides in sunny Hertfordshire. This site is for my ramblings, resources and everything else related to entomology and my favourite group...Beetles. 


Currently I'm working on a guide to beetles in moth traps, which hopes to streamline the process of beetle identification to moth trappers, its by no means a finished article, but feel free to let me know what you think once its up and running!


Like all entomologists I love a new trapping method, I've had some really good success with vane traps, and have written up a 'how to' guide with some of my findings. 

Let me know if you have any rad ideas.

Getting Involved

The one thing I love more than beetles is talking about them! 

I have plenty of experience working with key stages 1 & 2   (I used to be a teaching assistant). I've done a few public talks and am always willing to do a few more! 


Adding Icons for Recording Schemes, updating species lists 

Moth trap Intruders activity set up on iRecord 

21 February 2021

Record a Moth trap intruder

Frame 1 (3).png

            Sherrardspark Wood

20190521_143343 (1).jpg